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Eventbrite Not Working With My Large Zoom Account


I am looking for a solution to get Eventbrite to work with Zoom. My company's Zoom account has 235,000 users. I have installed the Eventbrite 2.0 connector from the Zoom marketplace. The account I am linking is a Zoom admin. In Eventbrite, when I attempt to "Add Zoom" from the Attendee Event Page, I type in an account name, and Zoom is connected. The select Zoom user never returns and shows a continuously moving line. I have linked this Eventbrite with a small Zoom account, which works perfectly.

I opened a developer window in my browser under network, and there were attempts to load every user in my Zoom account. Eventbrite never returns to allow me to select an account. How can I make this work with my company's Zoom account without loading every user? If Eventbrite looked at Zoom groups (or an option to do so), this would limit the users polled from my large user inventory.


The only option I can come up with is to create a Zoom sub-user for Eventbrite. If I make a sub-user for Eventbrite, would only the sub-account in the sub be polled? I have asked Eventbrite for help and am still awaiting a response.

I appreciate your help in getting this working for my users.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @dave22 before we go down the rabbit-hole of troubleshooting your issue; I noticed its been a little bit since you've posted this, has Eventbrite responded with any feedback about your issue? Knowing this is an integration technically from the Zoom App Marketplace, issues could arise on both sides.

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Eventbrite still has not responded. I spoke with my sales rep and a Zoom engineer this week and this problem has been seen before with another API. Eventbrite is definitely polling my entire user inventory and eventually errors out. I was told Phonism had a similar problem and their API was fixed. The Zoom engineer agreed creating a sub account was a possible workaround. I requested sub accounts be enabled in my tenant. I would really like to leave my production environment as is and not have to use this workaround (if it even works). The Eventbrite app needs to be fixed by adding an option to search all users or search a group. Thank you for the follow up.


This has been an ongoing problem for 2 months now for us as well.