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Don't receive any Webinar confirmation email after registration


Even though I've successfully registered, I didn't receive any confirmation email for the webinar. 






What was the final fix for this it’s happening to me as well thank you 


I use Windows 10 and have the same problem that just started happening with one of the webinars I subscribe to.  They say the problem is with zoom as they can see I have registered but I am not getting the zoom link unless I re-register at the time of the webinar.  It looks to me like no one from zoom support cares since I don't see any responses to the above  requests


The host needs to make sure they have chosen to actually send a confirmation email when they set up the Webinar. Host needs to look under "Email Settings" under the Webinar

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 12.17.53 PM.png


I'm also the host.

Are you also the admin of the Zoom account? You can go into the admin Webinar settings to make sure you actually have a confirmation email turned on.

I am not the administrator.  I also contacted the person responsible for the events and here are her responses:

From 8/11/2023 :Thanks for your email and attending our genealogy webinars. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the registration link. I do see you on the list for the upcoming webinars and your email address is typed correctly so I'm not sure why you did not receive confirmation for those upcoming ones either. The confirmation and reminder emails come from Zoom directly so perhaps they may be going to your spam folder. Have you checked there? If they are in your spam folder, you'll want to mark them as not spam so hopefully in the future they go to your regular inbox! Our monthly newsletters come from Constant Contact which is different than Zoom so that is why you have no trouble receiving those. If the emails aren't in your spam folder, you may want to try contacting Zoom directly since the issue is on their end. I wish there was something else I could do but unfortunately there isn't

 8/14:Yes we do have it checked that all registrants get a confirmation email upon registration as well as a reminder email a week before, a day before and an hour before the program begins. This is the same setup for each of our webinars.

So it seems to me that there must be a problem on Zooms end if I am getting the zoom links for other webinars I attend.



"So it seems to me that there must be a problem on Zooms end if I am getting the zoom links for other webinars I attend." I am trying to follow the logic. If she is getting Zoom links for other Webinars, then the problem is on YOUR end, not Zoom's.


I also sent this question to Zoom support email.

Zoom-Support responded me with some solutions but nothing works (those solutions are like: adding email to "Add user", asking customers if they block Zoom...).

I asked them to try registering that webinar to see if they also got the same problem but they didn't. hehe. 

Still no proper answer so far. 


Sorry I just now logged in here with another problem.   It isn't fixed with the 2 groups I was talking about then.  I uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled it and it didn't fix the problem with just those 2 groups.  Has worked fine with other groups