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Does ZoomWebinar allow sharing of login with a non-paying attendee when using Eventbrite to collect?


If I'm using Eventbrite's integration with Zoom to collect Webinar registration fees, and someone tries to share their login details with another person, it sounds like Zoom recognizes this and has the other person register to attend, but has the non-registered attendee register with Zoom - not - Eventbrite. Doesn't that allow someone to attend the event for free since Zoom is not collecting the attendee fee?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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Looks like nobody answered your question, so I'll take a shot. 😎


I believe there's only one way to guarantee that unauthorized people don't access your webinar.  You would have to enable all of the following options:


Requiring authentication requires that they be logged in to Zoom in order to access the event.  I don't actually know yet whether there is a check to be sure that the login is from the same account under which the registration is made.

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