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Administering multiple breakout rooms from one account



We are using zoom to host a virtual conference.  Over the lunch period we want to keep the main room open for general chat while having a couple of breakout rooms people can join as they wish to video and discuss specific things.  Each room will have a looping video playing.

Can i administer this all from one account or will i have to have multiple devices setup to log into each breakout room to stream the video via screen sharing.  Im on a gigabit network so the streaming of a few videos wont be an issue, but cant seem to see a way without creating multiple accounts.


Many thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey @adrianpbrown 👋
You can broadcast one video to all breakout rooms, but I don't believe you can broadcast multiple videos to multiple rooms. My approach would be to enlist some helpers that can be within each breakout room and share the relevant video on your behalf.

You'll find some general info on breakout room features here: 🙌