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recording meeting on cell phone


hi... relly need help

i was defined as a host in zoom meeting while i was using my private phone.

i began recording and zoom anaounced that recording began.


when finished the zoom closed unlike on PC where it saves my recording to a destination file.


i now realize that i need a cloud storage for recording on mobile phone.


what i am asking is... how can i trace this meeting recording? if ill pay for cloude service is my recording will show? or did i lost it forever?


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @avi_dagan Thanks for your contribution to Zoom Community, 

  • It is not possible to record locally from an iOS or Android device.
  • If you will be a licensed account you will be able to see all upcoming meeting's recording on your cloud recordings

Please check this article

Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve the recording you made earlier.

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