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Starting a new Zoom account


I use Zoom for both personal and work purposes and am now trying to configure Zoom in my school account. I get the following message: 

"You are currently a member of the Zoom account , and you are trying to sign into the new Zoom account Strategiced ( If you want to switch to become a member of the account Strategiced, click the button below within 24 hours."


It then tells me my current account settings will merge into this new account for school via Strategiced. I'm worried about losing functionality for work and personal use as I don't want anything to change.  Does anyone have experience with this type of switch or "merging"?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @DianaRN ,


Your email can only be used for one Zoom account.  You are trying to use an email that is already associated to Zoom for you school, so it is prompting to move that email

into the new account.  

If you want to maintain your own Zoom Account separate from one used for school you would need to use a different email address.


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