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Microphone lost when muted from headset (Logitech G935)


Upgraded from WIn 10 to Win 11 Pro.  Now, if I mute my microphone while on in a meeting for more than several seconds from the Logitech G935 headset, when I un-mute it does not work.  Yet, looking at Sound -> recording from the control panel, the mic can be seen to be working.  Back in zoom, if I switch from the G935 to "Same as System", it works, until I mute... and switching back go the G935 gets it working again.   This can occur several times. 


Had all mics set to be allocated to one program, changed it so all can use at the same time, no change in what happens.  Privacy settings enabled for the mic for all apps.  Zoom version 5.9.6 (3799).  5.10.1 will download and install when my current meeting ends.



same problem in window 10