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Zoom Contact Center video through Entry ID


I've been trying to get the button trigger on our website to start a video call with an agent, using the provided sample with no luck. The coded is added to our footer widget and the button is showing floating in the bottom right corner. The "your_id" and "your_api_key" is using our entryID SDK on our website.


Is there something wrong with the implementation? 


<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- other page elements -->
<div id="create">create video</div>
<script data-entry-id="your_id" data-apikey="your_api_key" src=""></script>
<!-- The script source is the video client JS SDK for Contact Center.
Get this from the code copied from the flow. -->
(() => {
const dom = document.getElementById('create')
dom.addEventListener('click', async () => {
const entryId = "your_id" /* Get from the code copied from
your flow */
const videoClient = new VideoClient({
await videoClient.init({
name: 'name' /* optional field, omit if not using, null value
not accepted */
videoClient.on('video-end', () => {
console.log('video ended') /* Add any actions to perform when the
video ends, for example, print to
console log */
videoClient.on('video-start', () => {
// Do something when the video ends (such as make an API call)
<!-- other page elements -->