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Zoom Webinar Security/Link Questions

Working with a client and trying to replicate what they did last year for a setup with a different company, they're requesting a few things that we cant figure out...1. Are we able to send out personalized invites (i.e., a unique Zoom webinar link to...

OnZoom Connecting to Zapier

Hello, I have an OnZoom event and I'm trying to connect Zapier to OnZoom so that I can create an automation when people register. In Zapier, there are only Zoom Events and Zoom Webinar. How do I create an automation in my email auto responder when th...

efisher by Listener
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OnZoom vs Zoom Webinar

I am trying to host a webinar for my organization. When I log into Zoom and click the 'Webinar' option I only see the option to access OnZoom. Is there a different way to host a webinar? It seems like the OnZoom options are limited compared to what i...

VKB by Listener
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Record Your OnZoom Event Locally!

We've heard your requests! And we think you'll enjoy this latest update. OnZoom Hosts can now record OnZoom events locally! Here's how: 1) Go to the 'Event Options' section of event setup 2) Click into the 'Cloud Recording' dropdown 3) Enable 'Allow ...

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AustinP by Participant | Zoom Employee
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Resolved! How do we record in ONZOOM?

All the help and community posts reference settings that are non-existent in OnZoom event creation (under Advanced Settings). I can only presume that they are referencing regular zoom or that the engineers disabled recording (intentionally or uninten...

OnZoom Recordings

I am hosting my first onzoom webinar event in 2 weeks. During the test event, there was no option to record. Will I be able to record the live webinar event? When I navigate to the settings/record I see this message: To record an event, enable "Inclu...

Problems with zoom

I have had 2 problems with Zoom. I belong 2 webinar groups where I get notification that I am signed up for the event from the group, but don't get the email from zoom so I can join the webinar. I checked with both groups and they have my correct ema...