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Vehicles in WR


We would like to add some Fleet vehicles in Workspace Reservation. I don't want to use "desk" as the asset type but instead created a new type of Vehicle. However, when I add a new workspace as a vehicle, it doesn't give the option for a calendar and doesn't give access to all the settings. Is there a way around this?



We used Workspaces to reserve parking spots. I guess that works the same for cars. We created a custom Workspace Type (in Admin, Workspaces management, Workspaces, Account Settings). Custom icon.


Then we added a "floor" for the parking spaces. And made a map with parking spaces. Then added the parking spaces on the map. No need for calender integration or Exchange mailboxes. 


Users can select the parking "floor" and see the parking icons and can make a reservation on the date/time they select (when free of course).


Works like a dream. 

We did want to have the calendar integration so that staff can see who has what cars reserved and when. We just set them up as desks for now and I put in a Feature Request. Thank you!