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new whiteboard


i am used to working on google jamboard while teaching on zoom.

i am migratting to zoom whiteboard, unfortunatly its not easy writing with the oencil and tablet as it is on google jamboard: i have to write verrrrrry solwly and even with that , sometimes the writting wouldn't appear.

any setup that can fix thet?

i am using huion tablet and pencil, its works perfectly on any app.

thank you



I have a similar problem.

The Zoom whiteboard was a great tool for teaching and annotating but since the last update my Wacom pen no longer works consistently with it. It has definitely slowed down but also now misses pen strokes intermittently. There is no problem highlighting or drawing shapes but writing freehand is almost impossible.

I reinstalled all appropriate drivers etc and have done everything I know of (but I'm not a tech expert). The pen works brilliantly in other apps Windows Whiteboard, Mural, Miro etc so I've started using them instead which is a real pain in the neck because it would be nice if the inbuilt whiteboard worked properly! 🙂

Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks.


See examples attached


ms whiteboard pen demo.png

I'm having the same symptoms in the Zoom whiteboard on an MS Surface Pro tabelet.   If I use MS OneNote instead, there are no problems, so I don't believe that this is a hardware problem.  I also find that pen strokes are not lost if I write very slowly, but if I write quickly, then I start losing strokes- this makes me suspect that there's a performance issue with the software not being able to keep up.    


Try disabling Windows ink option in drawing pad driver software.  Huion/XP-Pen/Wacom software have that option.


Windows ink is a interface to communicate between  stylus/drawing pad with drawing software( whiteboard) through Windows. Zoom might be messed up when using windows ink functions with new version.

Tkx Dilan. that was defnitely the solution.

it worked like a charm on all my devices(mone desktop and 3 laptops), again tkx,

i have another question: my writing on zoom jamboard is not as good ( beautiful) as on google jamboard. any idea how to arrange it? any settings? ( the writing is almost edgy , not smooth) . tkx again

My pen keeps missing pen cursor while writing in white background when using the zoom sharescreen in power point slideshow-doesn't happen with any other applications so is a zoom issue. Its only on the white background when i start to use pen, and if replaced with mouse cursor it work again. 
In picture I attached, you can see pen cursor only seen when the cursor is placed on black background
I have read some solution in among others by turning off windows ink in my pentab application, but it still doesn't work, please help