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System thinks I have reached 3 whiteboard limit but I only have 2 whiteboards


I started working with whiteboards today. I created two whiteboards and would like to create a third, however the system says I already have reached my 3-whiteboard limit. I only see two whiteboards on the "All Whiteboards" list, and I checked the trash but there's nothing there.  I would attach a screenshot here, but apparently I don't have permission to upload images. Any suggestions for how I can resolve this issue?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @HarperDelSol ! Thank you for bringing this up. Our team is looking into the issue now!

This was a month ago Palmer! Any reply. I have a similar issue. I am paying for Zoom whiteboards. I have Pro account. My 3rd whiteboard is locked! I'm being asked to upgrade to get access to it. I'm already paying for whiteboards. What am I paying for? If this is broken I want a refund for my past year's subscription for something I can't use.

Hi @SJMvideo , sorry for the late reply. Team is currently looking to the issue, might have something to do with the number of whiteboards created vs active. If you are paying for a whiteboard add-on or whiteboard plus addon then you should have access to unlimited whiteboards which is an issue we can look into immediately. Can you verify your license under your profile page? 



Thanks for prompt response Palmer. I only have 3 editable boards. My understanding is that 3 boards are included with the Pro account. But then I also had a separate annual whiteboard subscription? That also limited me to 3 editable whiteboards. What am I paying for then?


I took a screenshot, but I can't share it.


My account number is 272339 if that helps with anything.


I had created more than 3 boards sometime in the past while playing around so I could understand the feature before trying it live. 3 were editable and the rest were marked as view-only. I deleted down to 3 and the view-only remains. [assumed that it would become available again]
I've now been able to crate a 4th board even though I was told I had to upgrade before I could do that. Perhaps because one is still view-only?
I've searched your documentation to try to understand what I  get at the different payment levels. But I can't find something clear. Is there a link you can share that explains the whiteboard plans/subscriptions?


Hi @SJMvideo - you can check out this pricing page for more information on Zoom Add-ons. Zoom Pro comes with whiteboard basic which includes 3 editable boards. We don't limit how many boards you create, but only your last three boards are editable. Deleting one should revert a previously view only board to editable again. 


I'll follow up internally based on your account number to see what's going on here.

Palmer, I went back and looked at plans and pricing. As I understand it

  • I get 3 free editable whiteboards with my pro plan. [still can't find any clear information about what happens after 3]
  • A paid Whiteboard plan of $25/year gets unlimited whiteboards. I have been on that plan for about a year. I just cancelled it because I'm not currently using it for more than 3.
  • So I paid for unlimited whiteboards, but my account has been restricted to 3.
    • Billing has paid for Whiteboards
    • Account license does not show that I have that subscription

I'm not a Zoom power user. I'm not sure why I even subscribed to whiteboards. Maybe free trial expired and rolled over into my last billing cycle.

So there are 2 issues here:

  1. I have been paying for a service I never got.
  2. Either the basic 3 whiteboard service included with Zoom Pro is not correctly allocating white boards, or I don't understand how whiteboards work when exceeding the limit of 3.

Gotcha. If you cancelled your subscription then that would explain why you can no longer concurrently edit more than 3 boards you created. If you were not able to edit more than than 3 boards you created while having that license, then that's a problem we need to look into. 


When you create a whiteboard do you see the following pop ups? 





To be clear.

  • I currently have an active subscription to whiteboards. I have for the past year. I should still have an active subscription until the current subscription expires on May 14
  • What I don't know is if I ever had more than 3 active boards available to me. I'm just noticing this now since I haven't been seriously using whiteboards until last week.
  • Even with only 3 boards total, one is still marked View-Only and I can't edit it. It's a test board so it doesn't matter except for trouble shooting this issue
  • I can't share a screen shot because I am not allowed to upload images to the forum
  • Yes, I see one of those pop ups when I go to create a new white board.


I also have the same issue - my dashboard says I have reached the 3 whiteboard limit. How do I remedy? Thank you. 




Thank you for sending an image @Counsellor ! We are still looking into the issue and will reply with an update shortly!