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Name changed not reflecting in chat


Our organisation regularly have more than one person logged in to a call from the same account, so everyone appears with the same username when first logging in. We promptly change our names at the start of the meeting, however in chat the changed names are not reflected - everyone comes up with the same username. This is causing some issues with clarity and communication.


It's impractical for people to log in/out for every meeting as there are multiple meetings with the same account but different attendees throughout the day - just organising who would be logged in when would be a full-time job.


Strangely, if someone is not a co-host then their name change seems to appear in the chat, but not if they are a co-host (which is often the case).


Is there a specific setting that I need to update to ensure individual name changes are reflected in the chat, or is this jsut not possible?