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Managing Team Chat for my Department




we made the decision to use the Zoom chat as our main communication channel. Now i would like to know if i can tweak it the way we want it. Can anybody tell me if and how i can make theses thing possible:


- in our department we have 3 Teams. I want every Team to have it's own team-chat that i can name. i want to create the team chat for them and it needs to be shown from the begining in the conversations, kinda be "pinned". I want to add and delete users from that team chat. For newly assigned members of that chat, i want them to see the entire conversation. I want to make Settings for this team chat and be the only administrator


- i want every employee to have a conversation shown for every other employee, even though there are no messages, but they can still see the conversation and see if somebody is online or afk and can start a conversation easily without searching and if they open the chat it says somethink like "No messages yet" when they haven't interacted with one another. The messages need to be saved when i close the conversation so i have an on going chat


- have a Team Chat or kind of channel with everybody in it for announcements and stuff regarding everybody


Thanks for the help and kind regards.