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Long term storage of Zoom recording


 July 17, 2021 our church did a memorial service for a young man who died tragically.  His father participated in the service along with several friends.  It was recorded on Zoom, and the recording was posted online.  His mother watched it frequently but did not download it.  Then it went away.  She is (again) heartbroken. 

Does anyone know if a recording like this can be retrieved?  It is no longer on the local computer, our church administrator says the church's account can't store Zoom recordings this long.  


The next time I'm going to copy a recording off to a flash drive and hand it to the mother. 

Any ideas you have will be most appreciated.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@michaellawson6 –


Do you know if the recording was in the Zoom Cloud originally? It would probably have to have been there for anyone else to watch it – unless it was uploaded to YouTube, in which case it would still be there on YouTube. 

Normally Zoom puts a video “in the trash” for up to 30 days before actually deleting it.  If that’s the case, please see this Zoom Support article for how to recover a  Cloud recording. 

If your recording was only made locally on your PC and it was deleted, there’s not much hope for retrieving it unless someone had it on a backup locally. 

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