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What is Zoom Scheduler?

Zoom Scheduler provides users with the ability to generate slots of availability for attendees to then select a preferred time on both parties' calendars, which reduces time spent going back and forth to sync schedules. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Scheduler support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Meeting Scheduler

Is there a way to text a meeting request? I have a number of clients that do not look at their emails or gets lost in the large volumes or goes to spam. Can it be done?

Using Zoom Scheduler - export a meeting type?

Hi, I run a small business and I use Zoom scheduler to schedule all my intro calls. In the Scheduler, I have a form that collects email, address and other information. My question - is there a way for me to export ALL forms from a meeting type (intro...

Zoom keeps changing my meeting to NO FIXED TIME

I set up a reoccuring meeting weeks ago that had a set schedule - daily/ every 14 days/ 1 - 3:30 est. and it stayed that way until two days ago when it changed to NO FIXED TIME and when I edit it and hit save, it saves for a minute then reverts back ...

Saving zoom template with custom questions

I schedule a zoom meeting 2 x a month, with registration, and I always include the same 3 custom questions as part of the registration process. Can I save this meeting as a template, including the custom questions?

KarenB4 by Newcomer
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Hosts Availability

I am getting the following message when we click on the scheduling link: The host's availability could not be retrieved How do I fix ths?

This link is no longer valid

I just created my schedules today and the links worked earlier, now every single one of them returns this message when trying to go to the scheduler page. Anyone else having this issue?

bmoates by Newcomer
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