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How to schedule a meeting for someone else


Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to schedule a meeting for my boss where he is the host and I don't have to be on the zoom meeting.  I've upgraded my account and it's attached to my bosses account as instructed to me by the Zoom sales team but it's been a few weeks now and when I ask the Zoom representatives how to do this they only send me articles on how to schedule a meeting normally.  They've been less than helpful, ignoring follow up emails and as of this moment I've been on hold for 45 min.  


So, it's pretty much that simple.  My account (supposedly) has admin capabilities attached to my bosses account however I have no idea how to schedule zoom meetings for him where he is the host, anything I try to schedule automatically puts me as the host and these are calls I don't need to or can't be on.  


Thank you in advance!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Scheduling privilege is designed for a user or an executive admin to:

  • Assign or delegate a user or multiple users in your account to schedule meetings on your behalf. 
  • Schedule meetings on behalf of a user (or multiple users) that has assigned you scheduling privilege. If both users have a webinar license, they can also schedule webinars for you.
  • Access cloud recordings and meeting reports for those you are a delegate for. 
  • Act as an alternative host for any meetings you have scheduling privilege for. 

You and the assigned scheduler must both be Licensed or On-Prem. 



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