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"This room is not available" error on Zoom Room screen


Hi Folks, 


I'm not sure why but all of sudden a few of my meeting rooms shows the error ""This room is not available" either speaker, camera or microphone gets disconnected. Please contact your administrator"".

But as and when I restart the machine error gets disappeared. This happens almost 3-4 times in a week.


Note: It is happening only with Logitech setup majorly as I have other setup too without such issues.


Appreciate your support in advance.



Rahul Saxena


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Rahul,

    As always, make sure your rooms are on the most recent version of Zoom Rooms. One thing you might want to check if your rooms are running on Windows is the USB hub power management. Instructions on disabling this can be found here:

I hope that helps! Please mark the reply Accept As Solution if it does.

Aloha TomO, 


I am encountering similar errors with two Intel Mac mini's.  But the devices (camera) works as we start a Zoom Meeting.  There were no timeouts set on these usb devices and they are direct attached as well.  Please advise.  Mahalo, AllanC


I think you are having the same issue we are having.  The Zoom Rooms client was crashing/quiting after 2 minutes of running, no error message, no log events in the Windows log.  So I thought I'd update everything, OS, Zoom Rooms, etc.  I could only upgrade Zoom Rooms to 5.9.4 but 5.10 is the latest version according to the release notes.  So Zoom was still exiting after 2 minutes, after updating everything. So after reloading Zoom Rooms again a few times, the client quit, and finally started a Zoom Rooms update process, which completed. So the Room is now stable on 5.10.  So Zoom Rooms is quiting, trying to update, and just stays closed when the update fails.

I tried so many changes to the Windows 10 computer so I can't be exactly sure of the solution, but you may have to go to at least Windows 10 version 20H2 for the Zoom update to work.