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Zoomroom release 5.12.0 issue with sound disconnect when sharing on a companion whiteboard node

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

Last week we, asem-solutions a certified AV partners of Zoom based in Belgium, have installed and tested the zoomroom version 5.12.0 and we had a show stopper issue. 

Our room is composed out of a zoomroom connected to 3 displays and a companion whiteboard. 

A shure ceiling microphone is connected via a virtual sound card running on the zoomroom PC connected to the 3 displays. 

When sharing content on the companion whiteboard or when sharing the whiteboard, remote participans could not hear me. When  we stopped the sharing they could hear us. 

When stopping the session and starting the same session they could hear us

There was no issue, when rolling back to 5.11.3, 


Anyone seen the same issue ? 



Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

We saw the same behavior after roll back to R5.11. Could be an issue in the digital signal processor, not sure what caused the trigger. The issue is in monitoring mode at our customers, so we follow up.


The volume of my remote presenters has gone way down in my hybrid Zoom Room.

I have a Tesira biamp and I have turned off the Zoom audio processing.

When I sound check the remote presenter in the empty room, the volume is normal. When the students come in, the remote presenter's volume drops.

The audio in my room is a Shure ceiling array.