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Zoom Rooms NDI not outputing audio (only image, no audio)



We are using Zoom Rooms's NDI function to do live video production however we can only receive video feed via NDI, but no audio feed! 

The meeting works well without NDI (we see and hear everyone) but as soon as we assign a speaker in one of the 3 NDI outputs in our controller (an iPad), we lose all speakers' audio. We are using Tricaster TC2 as a production system, we do receive the video feed via NDI in our Tricaster, but we do not receive any audio at all! What's more, we lose the audio on our computer that's running Zoom Rooms as well (while the speakers continue to hear each other).  

We have the same problem with both Mac and Windows. We also tested our NDI function on our Tricaster with other video conferencing tools, the NDI on our Tricaster definitely work.

Please help!





I have exaclty the same issue when I start playing with NDI. As soon I push one feed into a NDI box, the sound stop working. I've tryed both with NDI  audio and analog output from the MacMini and same problem. 

Thanks for your reply.

That was a bug a few versions ago, which I reported to Zoom. They fixed it in later versions so reinstall the Room software and it should work.

Hi @JoanGlobalAV , as @mkrigsman stated, this was a bug that we have now identified and fixed in the new releases. Please update your Zoom and you should be good to go 🙂



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Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi there, I'm having issues with NDI audio. I'm experiencing the same issues as OP on 2/22/2023. I've updated Zoom to 5.13.7. Please help!

Having this issue on version 5.17.5, chromium version 114.0.5735.346 as well. just lost audio in the middle of a large event today. we failed over to the analog as backup and the NDI audio came back after a few minuets.