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Zoom Room in a Shared Space

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner



Client A is already in the space and Client B is moving in soon.


I have been supporting Client A who has 3 Zoom Rooms with Logitech Rallybars. They are looking to sublease half of the office to Client B. 


Client A would like to share the Zoom Rooms with Client B


Both organizations use Google Workspace. 


Is there a way to allow both organizations to book out the conference room's? 


How can you share Zoom Rooms in a shared space?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hello @Matt_G - unfortunately there are a few challenges here:

  1. A Zoom Room can only be associated to a single Zoom account.  With the Zoom Rooms belonging to "Org A", they will be members of "Org A"'s account, and consider Org B users as "external" users.  This affects some features like pairing from a user client to the room to start a meeting and Zoom Rooms joining as host to same-org meetings, though Direct Share is still possible.
  2. A Zoom Room can only be associated to a single calendar resource.  With the rooms belonging to Org A, I would venture to guess calendar integration has been setup to Org A's Google Workspace tenant.  If Org A and Org B have separate Google Workspaces, I'm sorry to say that Google does not, to my knowledge, allow a user from one Org to book a room resource in a different Org.  So, I'm sorry but I think this calendar system / Google Workspace limitation would be a blocker for user of Org B to book a room resource that exists in Org A's Google Workspace.
  3. Lastly, I am not myself a legal expert, but sharing Zoom Rooms in the way your questions imply may be a terms of service violation.

It may be best for Org B to get a Zoom Room or two of their own.  Perhaps something like a Neat Board 50 or a Yealink Meeting Board 86 that can be cart-mounted, so the space can be shared even though the Zoom Room(s) belong to a particular Org (A or B), would be a way to go?