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Zoom Room controller not pulling meetings from calendar resource


Hi all, 


We have a Zoom Room that is functioning normally on a PC imaged with a dedicated Windows kiosk (Win 10). 


The in-room controller is a Crestron TS-1070 and works normally in all aspects except it does not list upcoming meetings. It is currently operating on Zoom Rooms v5.16.5 (2354).


When I check the virtual controller on the Zoom Rooms admin portal, I can see upcoming meetings listed as expected. This was replicated with an iPad using the Zoom Rooms controller app. 


It appears for some reason, the dedicated hardware controller just won't touch the M365 calendar resource.


Has anyone else experienced this issue before?


TIA for any insight,



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

It sounds like you likely need a support ticket on this one.  If all other functions are working, the ports between ZRC and ZRC should be good.  If you can see it on the web and another device, I'd expect that we'd see it on the Crestron panel.  Maybe try a factory reset on the Crestron Panel just in case before that, but then recreate the issue (add an event so we have a recent example of whatever is failing) and send a problem report to reference in your ticket 

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Architect @ Zoom