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Solution to Jabra 710 looping / boot looping caused by Zoom Rooms



I have 2 Jabra 710 devices and were able to reproduce this problem on 6/3/2024 with a Zoom Rooms setup.


For some reason on this day when we joined a zoom rooms meeting the first Jabra 710 entered a boot loop. This causes the device to keep looping causing the zoom rooms to keep switching between Jabra / Mac Mini and TV audio.

We unplug the first Jabra 710 and swapped in a second Jabra 710 and the same thing happened.

When we try both Jabra 710's on a personal computer instead of the zoom rooms machine. The boot looping continues on both bluetooth or cabled connections on the personal computer!. They also both keep switching audio and are unstable!



To fix the boot loop on the Jabra 710 I would plug it back to the zoom room. This time I would enter in zoom room passcode (if required to change settings) and manually selected the Jabra 710 as both the default speaker and microphone. This solves the boot loop.

Now when I unplug the Jabra 710 and plug it into a personal laptop it no longer has a boot loop!

It's just the weirdest thing I don't know the root cause but that is the workaround / solution I wanted to report.