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Share video file to Zoom room without playing sound locally


We use Zoom rooms to share content with the screen hanging in meeting rooms and there is no HDMI cable to connect laptops to the meeting room screen, only share via Zoom.


Sometimes I want to show a video to the meeting room and my problem is that the audio always plays both on my laptop and on the screen in the room, with a slight delay. As I'm actually in the room I don't need the audio playing on my laptop, it is enough to play the audio only on the meeting room screen via Zoom.


How can I share a video into Zoom or play a YouTube video on my laptop with sharing the audio into the Zoom meeting but without playing the sound on my local laptop? I'm using an M1 Mac.





On Mac's here's what I do:


1) Before Sharing, lower your computer volume all the way down (don't mute)

2) Share your content

3) Hit the volume up button once. Sound should only be played from the Zoom Room Speakers 


You could also,


1) Share your content

2) ZoomAudioDevice will be selected

3) Go to your audio settings and click on your other Output option. Macbook Air Speakers in my case

4) Lower your volume all the way down

5) Select the ZoomAudioDevice option again.




I haven't had the same luck on PCs with this type of work around, although I haven't tried in a while...



The first option here worked for me (while it can still be heard super quietly on the Mac, nobody will notice but you and those sitting right next to you). Thank you!! 


I have same problem with both my zoom rooms with T14 lenovo laptops, its something new started 3 weeks back


I wish Zoom Engineering would address this, as it seems like such an oversight.  Why would one want to hear audio out of their laptop speakers in this scenario?  My workaround is to plug an 1/8" headphone cable to my headphone jack on the PC to disable the laptop speakers.