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Looking for an overhead camera

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Zoom Partner

We have a client that is currently using 2 Logitech Rally Cam (each in a different conference rooms) as their overhead camera for viewing/sharing architectural drawings. It was a great solution while it worked but now has issues that shows the Rally cam was not meant to be mounted on the ceiling.


Does anyone know of a PTZ cam the is not only ceiling mountable but meant to be mount on the ceiling? Secondarily, what about a cam that is meant to be ceiling mounted that just zooms in and out (no pan/tilt)?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @bozman.


I've done a search for "PTZ cameras for overhead mounting" and such, and so far I see mostly ceiling mounts, plus a few surveillance cameras (which might do the trick - think about the ones over cash registers at stores).


Can I ask why the Rally cam can't be used?


There are a variety of Canon EOS cameras that have external control capability, including zoom, focus, and exposure, as well as a variety of ways to grab video off of them live.  Not cheap, but excellent quality.


If it was me (on a budget), I'd just put a good web cam with good field of view range (like a Brio 4K) and handle zoom in/out in software.  

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The Rally cam can't be used anymore for 2 reasons. 1. because it opens and closes every time it's used. It's worked fine for a year plus but now it's having issues with the gears not being able to bring it back to the start position when it closes. 2. When we move the cam left or right in small incriments, the cam readjusts itself. It's not a zoom setting issues because I have it set to manual only control and even contacted Zoom to help troubleshoot.  I got a replacement from Logitech having it deemed bad but the replacement has the same issue with the gears. They just slip/grind trying to move against gravity.


The EOS is an expensive but interesting idea. The thing I'll have to check is, is does it have UVC control support, which is needed for Zoom Room PTZ control.


I'll check the Brio4K also, but same question about UVC control support.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

where possible please cross reference Zoom's certified cameras for ceiling mount compatiblity. This way you can be sure the PTZ element of the camera is supported by Zoom 

A list of cameras can be found here

Ray_Harwood also makes a good point to look at static cameras if you are happy use one from the above list or use a 3rd party camera control.

Thanks. I did check that list and the Logitech Rally is Zoom certified and says it's ceiling mountable which scares me because it clearly can't really be used that way. I have a list of others that I liked from that list but my fear is they too say the can be ceiling mounted but aren't truly intended or designed for it.