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How to create a two separate rooms with assigned facilitators and random participants


I am hosting a Zoom meeting with 10 participants and two facilitators. Each week we want to have two separate places where we can dialogue with each space having one facilitator and 5 random participants. Any suggestions?

I know we can create two breakout rooms automatically but how do we insure that each facilitator gets assigned to these rooms? I also know we can manually assign people but that will take time and it will not be random.

Another option would be to create only one breakout room and have one group stay in the main room but if we do this how do we make sure that the facilitator gets assigned to the breakout room and the others get assigned randomly?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @RodP.


Create your Breakout Rooms and assign your facilitators by uploading the information in advance of the meeting. 

See this Zoom Support article for details:

I highly recommend testing this out in advance, so your sure you have the settings correct and will have confidence on the night of the meetings. 

I’ve done this several times for facilitated Poster Sessions, assigning the Poster Presenter to specially named  Breakout Rooms. I’m pretty sure you can also randomly assign the remaining attendees. Test, test, test. 

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