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Exiting ASAM to fix connectivity


I am trying to set up our zoom room controllers to use ASAM. In testing before I deploy this to all our controllers, when an iPad loses connection it goes to a help screen and has a place to exit ASAM by putting in my zoom rooms password. That's all well and good, but when I enter my password it just says it is unable to to exit ASAM and to check if my iPad is using guided access or an MDM. We use an MDM, but the MDM isn't locking the app. The only thing locking the app is toggling ASAM in the zoom rooms admin. If I have to toggle it off there, why have the exit ASAM button at all? the ASAM article only has this:



If you experience network issues, the Zoom Rooms app allows you to leave ASAM (protected by passwords) to fix the network issues.


So no help basically, other than to confirm that my password should let me exit ASAM without turning it off for the whole room. I have confirmed that my password works when changing settings in the app, as well as confirming that a wrong password gives a 'wrong password' error as opposed to the message about 'unable to exit ASAM'.


Device is a 1st generation iPad pro using 16.3.1

Controller Version is 5.14.0 (1371)

Zoom Rooms Version is 5.12.7 (2172)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @dukesjos I see you had a ticket opened with our Zoom Support! Would you mind sharing as to the solution? Seeing you were able to figure your issue out! 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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