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Enterprise Grade Solution for Room/Workspace Management


Hi All, 

I work for a Zoom Enterprise customer that has about 850 room systems globally.  We are having trouble managing the configuration of our rooms at scale with the combination of ZDM & the Zoom admin portal as it currently exists.  We have made feature requests to our account team about this but have not gotten a lot of traction as it seems that Zoom is really focused on pushing users looking for this functionality towards utilizing the Zoom API to roll their own tools.  


As an enterprise, I'm sure we have some resources internally that have the technical capability to generate the type of tools we need, but before I go down the path of fighting for resources, I was wondering if anyone is aware of a solution on the market that already exists.  I am familiar with Utelogy and the platforms that the global AV integrators offer but they seem to be more focused on managing/controlling each of the component devices that make up a modern room system.  We are looking for something that can manage the room configurations at the Zoom level en masse via a method other than the geographical hierarchy that currently exists.