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Digital Signage Using Raspberry Pi


Quick question to anyone who is currently using a Zoom room for digital signage, can it be controlled and done using a Raspberry Pi?  I realize that Pis are not listed on the equipment list provided by Zoom, however, we are currently using a homegrown solution and all of our devices going through Pis. We might be interested in pursing a change to the system if we could utilize the existing infrastructure that we have in place, so I am just reaching out to see if anyone else has had any success going down this route.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not currently possible OOTB - there is no official Zoom Rooms support for RasPi and I have not run into any teams that have pulled this off successfully.

I do have a few colleagues who have used Pis for other signage like Xibo (not officially supported either). Anecdotally speaking, Zoom's digital signage is not very robust/reliable and if your team is savvy enough to provision a fleet of Raspberry Pis, I'd advise looking for a more feature-rich and established (albeit a bit more complex) digital signage solution.