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Considering Transfer from Lifesize to Zoom Rooms - Seeking Information and Comparison


We're reaching out to you today for our client, who is currently using Lifesize for video conferencing solutions in their meeting rooms. They are interested in exploring the possibility of transitioning to Zoom Rooms.

We understand that Reqwest offers expertise in both Zoom Rooms and Lifesize, and we would appreciate your help in comparing the two platforms to help our client make an informed decision.

Specifically, we are interested in information on the following aspects:

  • Feature Comparison: A detailed comparison of core features offered by both Zoom Rooms and Lifesize, highlighting key functionalities relevant to video conferencing needs. This could include aspects like screen sharing, whiteboarding, recording capabilities, and security features.
  • Cost Analysis: An estimated cost comparison for transitioning from Lifesize to Zoom Rooms. This could include potential savings or increased costs associated with hardware, software licenses, and ongoing support.
  • Migration Process: Information on the migration process involved in switching from Lifesize to Zoom Rooms. This could include details on data transfer, hardware compatibility, and user training requirements.

Additionally, we would like to understand the following:

  • Benefits of Zoom Rooms: Highlighting the key advantages of transitioning to Zoom Rooms, particularly for organizations currently using Lifesize.
  • Considerations for Our Client: Any specific considerations or potential challenges our client might face during the transition process, considering their current Lifesize setup.

We believe Zoom Rooms might offer a more user-friendly interface and potentially lower costs compared to Lifesize. However, we want to ensure a smooth transition and choose the platform that best suits our client's needs.

We would be grateful if you could provide us with detailed information on the above points. Additionally, if there are any resources or case studies available showcasing successful transitions from Lifesize to Zoom Rooms, we would be happy to review them.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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