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Breakout rooms taking too long


Hi, as presenter I used to be able to go in and out of breakout rooms real quickly. This has slowed down to up to 30 seconds, which is annoying and slows down the pace of my lesson. How can this be fixed? Thanks!



I am also having this issue with one of our staff members.  We are using 2020 Macbook Air with M1.

Yes, it's really annoying. I've cleared my cache, reinstalled Zoom, etc etc and have a similar DELL PC on which this doesn't happen, nor on my laptop. It only happens on my PC I use for teaching. I wonder if it would help if I install Windows 11? I haven't had any response from Zoom re this. 

much worse here. It takes at least 40 seconds to get in a room. Today I could not get in after 6 MINUTES.

Having the same issues recently on a mac. I am a co-host of the meeting and lead a section after we come back from breakouts, though have had to ask someone else to jump in since mine is really slow! Is there a fix?


I raised a ticket with Zoom. They sent me cleanzoom.exe to uninstall, and a link to reinstall the new version. Problem is solved.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Run CleanZoom to remove Zoom completely

To remove Zoom completely, including any configuration filesrun CleanZoom on your device.

  1. Download and run CleanZoom.
    Note: Use of the clean uninstaller will completely remove the Zoom desktop client, as well as the Zoom plugin for Outlook. The Outlook add-in, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and Google Workspace add-on are unaffected.
  2. Once completed, download Zoom from our download center and reinstall


Source Support article - 




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Hi. Is there a mac version of zoomclean? I uninstalled zoom, restarted my mac, then installed zoom and I am still lagging. I will say that when my mac was new this was not a problem.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Uninstall Zoom version 4.4.53932.0709 and higher
Open the Zoom desktop application.
Select at the top of your screen and select Uninstall Zoom.
Select OK to confirm uninstalling the Zoom desktop application and all of its components.
Once completed, reinstall Zoom on our download center.


Uninstall Zoom version 4.4.53909.0617 and below
Open Finder.
Select Go at the top of your screen.
Select Go to Folder...
Once opened, input ~/.zoomus/
Move ZoomOpener to your trash.
Once completed, repeat steps 3 through 5 for the following folders and files:
Folder: /Applications/ Move to Trash:
Folder: ~/Applications/ Move to Trash:
Folder: /System/Library/Extensions/ Move to Trash: ZoomAudioDevice.kext
Folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/ Move to Trash:
Note: Zoom may not be installed in both the /Applications and ~/Applications folders.



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Same issue. Brand new computer, newly installed Zoom.  Any other solution than a fresh install?