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Unable to connect Zoom Rev... with SFDC

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner


I could really use some assistance of tips with pictures on how to get the integration going please.

I am admin in SFDC and in Zoom. ZRev is active. The instructions work up to

Grant app access to system administrator

  1. In the Salesforce admin account set up page navigation panel, click Users then Profiles.
  2. From the list of Profiles, select System Administrator then click Edit.


Under setup, Administration, users, users I do not see a profiles tab or menu.  Anybody have tips or a screenshot of that menu? I am in lightning not classic if that matters. thx Axel


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi axelalbrechtdup

Grant App Access to System Administrator

  1. In the Salesforce admin account setup page navigation panel, click Administration then Users then Profiles
  2. From the list of Profiles, click Edit next to System Administrator
  3. In the Connected App Access section, select the app name you have created then click Savejshen_0-1716555764690.png






Take a look at this

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

Thx I did receive this video before. Issue remains is that I do NOT have that menu with profiles. I am an admin in


SFDC and this is what I see: if I search for profile(s) I come up without search result in SFDC myViewAdmin Users.png