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iPhone call history - make outgoing call without zoom phone


I want to be able to return a missed zoom phone call using my iPhone sim phone number, but the iPhone call history does not give me the option of calling on my normal number (ie. if I click the number on call history it wants to dial using zoom app and does not give me alternative options). 

I’m a real estate agent and receive about 50 incoming calls a day. I signed up for zoom phone so I can selectively forward calls to my staff if I’m busy rather than miss call after call. Zoom issued me a phone number, so I am using call forward in my iPhone settings to direct incoming calls to the Zoom phone number. 


The phone number zoom provided me is an odd number combination for my geographic location so my customers are choosing to not answer my calls if I call them from zoom (they don’t know that number as it is not the number they dialed). Reading the APAC porting rules it appears I cannot port my mobile number to zoom. 

Can you pls advise the quickest way of returning a missed zoom call from my iPhone so the outgoing call is from the mobile number associated with my SIM card?


This issue has caused me to stop using zoom after only a few hours - frustrating given I bought multiple licences for staff to try to reduce the stress from the amount of phone calls I’m getting and improve customer service. 

Would really appreciate guidance. Thanks


Location: Australia

Phone: iPhone 14

System: iOS 17.3.1