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bulk assign phone numbers to users in 1 step by name


Is there a way to bulk assign phone numbers to users in a single spreadsheet? 

I know have to first import users using a CSV, assign them licensing and build the account. During this process Zoom will auto assign them an extension.


Now how to I find these new 100 users that don't have phone numbers?


I will need to export them, then put their extension into the "phone number import CSV" that will assign a phone# of my selection to a specific user's extension. 


Seems like lots of steps for a product that uses CSV's for import. can't believe there isn't a single template to do this. 


would it be faster to create a site called Import-Temp assign all users to that site, then filter them, export/import them as needed then re-assign them to the master correct site? 





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @dylanhunt 


Do you not want to import the Users assigning an Extension number, a Phone Number and a License for each all at once in the Phone System Management > Users & Rooms import function?




I don't see how to create the user accounts as SSO using this spreadsheet. There doesn't appear to be a field in this spreadsheet for Single Sign-on. is SSO a check box during the import of the spreadsheet? also, if will that process auto-assign zoom extensions to the users if left blank.? 


confirmed, there is no method to create an SSO user if one uses the phone management User/rooms csv file to create user assign plans and phone numbers.  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there,


You can do user provisioning using SSO. For that you will need to configure SSO following the steps here:


Followed by that, you will have to do SAML mapping to setup users to be provisioned via SSO:


Also, on your original question. Yes it is a two step process ( assuming you are not using SSO )

1. Step 1 is importing users for meetings. Perform the export ( this is the basis to create Meetings or video only users )

2. Assign the users phone licenses, extensions, phone numbers via csv upload process


Hope that helps