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Zoom Phone User Region


Majority of our users are in the USA.

One of our Zoom Phone Users is in Philippines, Is there anything i can do to change user's region on his account to improve call quality? Or Zoom Phone adjusts it automatically based on where the app is used from?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi mikeymike,


I believe that zoom phone automatically adjusts based on where the zoom client or app is used from. 


One of the main participants in office hours global from the Philippines gets broadcast quality zoom connections from the Philippines.


Suggest your zoom phone user in Philippines run network diagnostics test to determine factors impacting zoom phone.  If packet loss is present, try using a wired connection and or contact your isp.


Zoom Network Connectivity Tool


Here are some suggestions to improve connections, i.e. use a wired connection.

Wireless (WiFi) Connection Issues (


Here is some information on Philippine isp.


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thanks,  eliot