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Yealink T46U autoprovision - web interface


I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue.


After I auto provision my T46U, it must reset the user name and password for the web interface.  I am no longer able to log into the phones web interface to setup the multiple line display.  


However if I factory reset, I am able to log into the web interface until I auto provision again.


I haven't had time to look at the lines of code in the auto provision if anyone has a quick fix, that would help.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

HI @rwhitlach 


The password will change to the one that you set up on the Zoom web portal under Phone System Management >  Company Info > Account Settings (

Check to see if you have Web Interface turned on there. If the user name "Admin" does not work with that password, try using the user name "Advanced" with that password. The user name changed supposedly happens with Yealink phone that are obtained through Zoom's Hardware as a Service.


I hope that helps!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @rwhitlach 


The way to setup multiple lines ( shared line groups, Shared line appearances ) is to use the Keys and Positions functionality and not directly on the phone.  You do not need to login into the Web UI unless you are doing something which is not a feature


Hope that helps

Contributor I
Contributor I

The above is correct, if you start configuring the phone from the phone's web interface, no guarantee what you set won't get wiped by the Zoom configuration at a later time.

I assume when you say you are setting up multiple lines, it is something with regards to how displayed as Zoom should be setting up the SIP config for the multiple lines for you?