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Yealink Phone Firmware Corrupted - Welcome Initializing...Please Wait



Just want to give everyone a solution that I have been dealing with almost 3 weeks. As usual, I had to get this resolved by myself. Zoom support was unwilling to help me because I did not purchase or lease the Yealink phone directly from them - even though on Yealink support article states otherwise.

"According to Yealink security policy, please contact your phone provider to get the recovery mode files." keep this short, you will need to contact Yealink support directly and create a ticket. Their response time  is somewhat slow because they are located in China.



Yealink Phone T54W got stuck on "Welcome Initializing...Please Wait"



You will need the correct recovery files to resolved this issue. I was given the first set files that did not work, but I had another support assistance sent me the correct files. Apparently, there are more than several different recovery files located on the internet, all of them failed for me. I received error messages "Failed -1" or "Network Failed 3,2,1". Luckily, I was able to received the correct files. Please see attachment (screenshot) of the files I used to recover my Yealink phone. Please pay close attention to the sizes of the files.


Steps on how to recover your Yealink phone:

  1. Receive all 3 recovery files from Yealink support
  2. Format USB flash drive to FAT32 and drop the files into the USB
  3. Rename all 3 files to T54W. Example:
  • T54W.bin
  • T54W.rfs
  • T54W.rom

        4. Press Redial button on the phone then power it on. It will give you an option of what recovery mode you would like to proceed - select USB

        5. It will update the phone firmware version to

        6. Connect your phone to the internet and it will go through another firmware update using your phone Auto Provision.

Hopefully this may save a lot of time for someone else.












Hi @zoom123, Welcome to the Zoom Community, and thank you for your contribution!


Due to security reasons, Zoom tech agents are unable to reach out to other providers on behalf of customers if they have not purchased from Zoom directly.

We know it can be frustrating when we are unable to assist during times when we are not the phone providers, and for that, we are truly sorry. However, we are happy to see that your account executive here at Zoom was able to connect you with your phone provider. It appears that they were able to provide assistance for the correct files to help get this issue resolved.

This detailed post will surely be of assistance to many in the community. Thank you again!


Zoom Moderator


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi CarlaA,


I would have to respectively disagree with you.

Phone Provider by definition:

"A company that you pay to provide connection to a phone network"


And the cause for this error was due to a firmware corruption on the phone. The Auto Provision URL: on the phone provides firmware updates to my Yealink Phones - that is being administered by Zoom network.


That is why the Yealink support article specifically says to reach out to your Phone Provider if you encounter this error.


Please provide a support article that Zoom does not engage with vendors on behalf of customers due to firmware corruption.







I also would like to add that this can be a security concern. I was told by a Zoom support representative, sometime back, that Zoom's Auto Provision handles the firmware updates. Those firmware updates are being supplied first by Yealink and then checked by Zoom developers for any security issues before allowing Yealink phones to be download from Zoom's provisioning URL:


If I'm contacting Yealink support directly to receive files from them without having Zoom developers to do their security check - that is a potential security risk for my company. Zoom should be protecting its customers from this type of lack of security.






Thanks for the great tips! I've got the correct recovery files from Yealink Support and I've named them accordingly and ensured that they are the correct size. However I'm still getting an error message (Update Failed (-1))


Any tips? 


I'd be most grateful!





Hi Dano,

Did you see my attachment in my first post? If yes, is your file size matches the ones in the attachment?


Is there a way for someone to share the .bin, .rfs, .rom files?


can you possibly share the bin and the rfs files with me ?



Unfortunately, this Zoom platform only allows .jpg, gif, png and .pdf.

Anyhow, I got the files directly from Yealink. And it was NOT reviewed by a security software developer from Zoom.

You can reach out to Yealink and see if they can send you the 3 files. Please see the attached file for details. Also, here are the Hash value for each file.


Hash File: c32d8fee1ec11b3a2e351a84b076a8f5be05ed48



Hash File: 9775db53449d1dc44917d518c29af54b1ac2a486



Hash File: da043eb878d0dc9f653ea9a90f43fa859dcc6fad


Note: A hash value is a unique value that corresponds to the content of the file. Rather than identifying the contents of a file by its file name, extension, or other designation, a hash assigns a unique value to the contents of a file. If someone modifies the file, the unique value will change.



While Zoom definitely should've provided a full set of steps to be good support agents, this is entirely on you, dictionary bullshittery aside. If you bought it form zoom, they'd do the legwork for you, but nickel and dime shaving means your expecting support for something that could be locked to some ebay/amazon provider, could be already security breached, but would definitely see no risk from a reputable manufacturer like Yealink m8. 

They're fixes and updates are slow, but they're no crooks, beyond the capitlisticalizin we all complicit to be livin with