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Small Business Implementing Zoom Phone


Very small business implementing the Zoom Phone solution. Years ago I used another vendor and found no need for a physical device/Desk phone. Is that practical with Zoom as well?


If I get a Desk phone/Device, is there a wifi option instead of being hardwired to the network?


What device have other really small businesses found most useful?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello rjassists!


Zoom does not require use of a desk phone, but the option is supported for those that either prefer hardware phones or need one for a use case such as a common area phone.


Zoom Phone is supported for desktop and mobile (tablet and smart phone) clients.  


Zoom has several ecosystem partners with different options for what the hardware device is able to do, and many do support a WiFi connection but wired tends to be preferred because A) The phones still need power and you can supply power over Ethernet with an appropriate switch B) Hardwired Ethernet connections still tend to be more stable and reliable than WiFi.  If using WiFi the setup is typically done in the desk phone itself.


Our list of certified desk phones and hardware devices for Zoom Phone can be found here: 


Hopefully this gives you some options to consider.  


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Let us know if you have additional questions, and happy Zooming!

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