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Signing in issue on Android



Not sure if posting in the right area. If it needs to move please do.

I have been on and off zoom user for about 2 years as the need shows up.  But.... up till now my PC or laptop has gotten me through.  Now there are some meetings I want to attend and I am not at home or work.  I just loaded the app on my AO2s android.  It states it is working but when I try to sign in with the correct password, after about a minute I get failed to connect with no error code that I  see?

How do I go about getting signed in prior to tomorrows meeting if I am not at home?

Thanks for your help.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @PinMan3 Thanks for your contribution to Zoom Community. You can sign in to zoom through the web, mobile, or desktop applications. You might need to enroll in some company certificates if your company working with SSO login, in this case, I highly recommend contacting your IT support for more details.

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Hi Shaimaa

I know the ability is supposed to be there for signing in each of those formats. My problem is I'm not able to sign in on the mobile, free app. all I get is "failed to connect".  How do I figure out how to sign in?  This is not company meetings I am trying to attend so there are not certificates involved.  Thanks for any help someone can give.