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Routing Voicemails to Extensions to the a user

New Member
New Member

We are a self-storage facility operator and have all calls routed into a Zoom Call Queue.  The calls are then routed to a user in our call center.  After hours, or on weekends, we want all calls routed to this same user's voicemail box so he can return the calls the next day. 

Is there a way to route these after-hours calls through the queue to this users extension to that all voicemails are in his account?  Or does this happen automatically?  Thank you for your help


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi sixthreemgmt,


Zoom call queues can be set up with a normal working hours routing and after hours routing.  The after hours routing can be to the user’s voicemail.




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thanks,  eliot