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Placing call on zoom phone from salesforce causes screen hopping


A couple of us in our company are having a problem with zoom phone. Others are not having this issue although it appears ours are configured the same way and are in the same position so they use the system the same way..


When I click the phone number listed in salesforce and zoom phone dials, Zoom forces SalesForce to do a search and takes me from the account or opportunity screen to the Contact screen. Sometimes it can go through several screens to get there and if there is no contact with that number it just kind of leaves me off in a screen showing a list of possibilities. This is a problem because I usually need to be in the opp screen and it can take some time for all the screen switching to occur and then more time to get back to the proper screen. 

Any help is appreciated.

I am using a Macintoshbook Air and software and OS are always up to date. This has been a problem from the moment we switched to zoom phone. Our company is a mix between Apple and PC laptops.