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Phone audio delay makes Zoom phone unusable for us


On nearly 100% of our calls via Zoom Phone, the audio delay is so bad that it leads parties to talk over each other and is nearly unusable for phone communication. We've been on Zoom Phone for about two years, and it's been this way the whole time. I can't imagine it's this way for everyone, and Zoom video meetings don't suffer from this problem, so I'm hoping there is a fix for us to get Zoom Phone working. ???


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @KKlabunde , Sometimes, these types of issues occur when a device in the network path is inspecting Zoom Phone real-time traffic thereby adding overhead and delay.  It might be worth validating that Zoom phone traffic is exempted from this type of application layer inspection on your edge devices. 

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @KKlabunde , does it happen anywhere ? Independent on where the user is located (office, home, etc). Does it happen when using the App on the computer and also on the mobile phone ? The same network ? It could be woth some testing on different environments/setups in order to try to isolate the root cause. 


Same issue with us. We've tried different networks, different internet providers, desktop vs. phone app, mobile network vs. fixed-line. Nothing makes a difference. Tried multiple laptops and phones. It's a great platform and we'll continue to use it, but we really need the delay issue fixed as we end up speaking over the top of our customers. Mind you, this doesn't happen when we're making calls internally between extensions.


@KKlabunde, I'm starting to think that zoom phone uses different servers to video, and there is either a configuration issue on Zoom's end or potentially it's just the distance between us and the nearest Zoom server. We're talking 400ms+ latency roundtrip, so it's not great.

@williampeasley Are you running BYOC, with your own SBC's or are you using Zoom's carriers to go outside of the network? Are users under VPN or something ? Where are you located ? 
The audio path is the same for Extension to extension calls and for PSTN calls, the only difference is that there is a gateway somewhere that can be adding delays. 
What address are you pinging to give the 400 ms delay ? 
Can you check on the statistics tab on your Zoom client, under phone and see what is the register Server IP address ?