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No dial tone or ring tone on outgoing calls


Zoom Phone users making outgoing calls will not hear a ringing tone or a dial tone. The caller does not think that the call is connecting although it is and is hanging up on prematurely, causing a lot of problems for our clients. This is happening on iPhone app, desktop softphone, using a headset, and without a headset. It's not everyone, with every call. This appears to be intermittent.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi jules3,


Please check to see that the clients and or apps are the latest versions.


It may be a network problem.  Zoom has a network connectivity tool that can be run when you are experiencing these issues.


thanks,  eliot

I have the same issue described above. I did the network connectivity test and there seemed to be no issues (can provide the log).
How do I solve the missing dial tone?

Thanks Eliot, the network is working fine and the problem happens on multiple connections. We have staff all over the region working from home and in the office and it happens regardless of network. This is definitely a problem with the Zoom phone service. Any other thoughts?

Was this ever solved?  I can't get it to ring (audio tone) when dialing out.  When it just has no noise I don't know if it dialed or not?

I have the same issue. It rings fine if I unplug my headset. But if my headset is connected, it won't. Same headset for the past 2 yrs.

How do I solve the missing dial tone please?