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New staff member can not open desktop app, can not reset password. Showing as paid pro one user


We've been struggling for literally 2 days on this and i am done. I need someone who can figure this circle of insanity out and get my team member on the phone. We have tried everyting recommend---un and re install, changing default handler apps, reboots, microsoft updates. Losing my mind, very frustrated, please help. I pay a lot of money for his phone and we cant get it to work.  **All other team members phones work as expected

Please please someone reach out.


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi mattjb,


I suggest checking the zoom workplace app, checking the status of the new staff member as a zoom user and a zoom phone user.  If there is a password issue, you as a admin can reset the password.


On the new staff member’s computer, can you open the Zoom Workplace App and sign in?



Can the new staff member open the Zoom Workplace App on another windows computer and sign in?


Perhaps the new staff member’s zoom credentials (email address and password do not work?

When you look on admin->users, do you see your new staff member?



When you look on admin->phone system management->users, do you see your new staff member?



Has this new staff member been set up as (1) a Zoom user and (2) a Zoom Phone user?  Has this new staff member been set up with a Zoom Phone license such as basic or unlimited US and Canada calling?




Has your new staff member accepted the zoom account invitation?






Has your new staff member activated their account and set up their password?





For more details on setting up new users, please see

Managing phone users


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thanks,  eliot