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Mac user cannot record VM greeting


We confirmed that both Safari and Chrome have mic access but there is no sound when she tries to record.  The mic works on all meetings.  What are we missing?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @bbazian 


Please make sure the user is following the steps to record a Voicemail.


Meanwhile, they can also dial *86 and enter their voicemail box to record a greeting using their PIN. 


Hope that helps

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @bbazian 


I would imagine that your user is using the Zoom desktop app for Zoom Meetings, which has its own parameters for Audio Input and Output. 


On the Zoom web portal under Personal > Phone > Settings where they click to set the Greeting with Add/Edit > Add Audio > Record by Computer when they click the Record icon (square in a circle) it normally will prompt to Allow or Deny to use the microphone (see screenshot). If at some point in the past they have clicked Deny, or the default was set to Deny, they may need to set it back to Ask or Allow in the Safari > Setting.. > Websites (see screenshot). 


Additionally, you may want to check the Sound settings in the macOS System Settings to make sure that the mic is set to the internal mic, and not unexpectedly to a headset or AirPods and that the input volume is adequate (see screenshot).


I hope that helps!