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Is there any change in the price depending on when I get the phone number?


I understand that at ZoomPhone, I have to pay when I purchase a paid call slot,
Will I have to pay again when I get the phone number?

I am wondering if I can get a phone number at any point in time and not lose money.
I am wondering if there is any difference between "I will not assign a ZoomPhone to an employee until 2 months from now, but I only need to get a phone number now" or "I will get a phone number right before I assign a ZoomPhone to an employee."
Are the charges the same for both?

Thank you in advance.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi risa_tsujimura,


please see zoom phone plans and pricing.

Plans & Pricing for Zoom Phone | Zoom


with any of the usa paid plans, you get a us/canada number for each paid plan.  you can add additional paid plans whenever you want.   


in addition, you can get additional telephone numbers for a monthly fee.  these additional numbers include both local numbers and toll free numbers. 


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thanks,  eliot