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How to build Priority Support in Zoom Phone


Our SaaS business is selling priority support for our enterprise clients.

We have an IVR set up with Sales & Support keys. 

I would also like to have the possibility to have a priority line, "skip the line". Are there ways to build this?


A few ideas that crossed my mind:

1. Have a call queue (or shared line group?) with an Extension number; pass that extension on to the client. They can enter this in IVR instead of choosing a key. Then they are routing to the Seniors in my team dealing with enterprise.

2. Have a dedicated phone number that is not published on our website. Can I have 1 call queue/team that is fed by 2 phone numbers, where 1 phone number takes priority over the other? 


Additionally, if the customer would like to stop using the Enterprise packages, ideally I would also like to remove their access to the priority line. 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @nielsr! The VIP contacts feature for Zoom Phone is currently available for delegation only.  If VIP routing is needed for call queues, you may want to look at Zoom Contact Center. For more information, reach out to your Account Executive or submit a form here.