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How do you use groups and sites in your environment.


Any advice? Wanting to get more details for searching and exporting users . 


I already have sites setup. No use of site codes. Sites are mostly setup for physical offices so E911 has physical address for end user.  No physical Poly desk phones all are softclients. 

But 95% of my users are remote and never be going into Office Site X. 


No groups yet, still fuzzy on how these could work in my environment. When I create a group, does it by default take on everything from the Site Policy?  How are you guys using groups in your environment?





I really wish that Zoom Phone had the ability for me to assign custom "tags' to each user for  sorting and exporting.  only being able to filter by group or site is very limiting in the gui.  I would like the ability to create user defined tags that are searchable in the gui. 




Contributor I
Contributor I

Groups are a zoom level feature not Zoom Phone. That being said, mainly use them to set particular settings in Zoom Phone for people. i.e. like call queue agents.

I think a group's settings for a Zoom phone user will override the site policy, but I've never actually looked.