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Failed warm transfers - Zoom PowerPak


One of my users is having numerous failed warm transfers.  No real data in the phone logs.  Simply says call connected.


Our front desk gets a call, does a warm transfer via the Zoom app.  Gets a "transfer failed" and the person is still in their call queue. 


Again, logs show no indications of problems. 




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@rbryant76 , this is working by design as the system only shows internal calls if the call is actually connected during warm transfers. 

One work around you can do is to set the call queue settings to "Receive call while on a call" and ensure that "Maximum call in queue" is et to a number greater than the members of the queue to allow customer in waiting queue rather than go straight to VM(that is if this is the overflow setup for the queue).


If you want to go about this to be submitted as a feature request, you may submit a feature request here -



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