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Desktop Call Notifications...


We just went live with the Zoom phone system. 

I love the back end, very intuitive and easy to use. My users are complaining about the desktop incoming call notifications that cannot be turned off. Is there an easy way to toggle the desktop notifications off and on and the mobile call notifications off and on? 


My users are all in call que's that simultaneously ring, when they are typing something and a call comes to the que it takes the typing focus away, so they have to stop. They have physical phones on their desk so they can sign out of the app but then they lose some of the functionality of having it. 


Another feature that would be great is to be able to choose what call ques ring your mobile device. My users are not using it because both the call Que's and their own calls go to it and you cannot turn off the call que without turning it off on your desktop phone as well. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @bwoodsom 


Congratulations on going live!


There's isn't a a way to turn off the pop-up when a call is received for the desktop app. There is a X at the top of that pop-up to Ignore the call and close the pop-up; unfortunately though the focus is still set to the Zoom desktop app. The User could deselect Zoom Desktop Apps in their Business Hours: Call Handling under their Phone > Settings on the Zoom web portal. This would allow them to remain signed-in to the desktop app, and not receive call pop-ups there. They call still initiate calls through it though, and Flip calls. 


I agree, it would be very useful to be able to toggle off individual Call Queues, or all Call Queues independently by platform. Presently, it is a global setting. You can submit a enhancement feature request at


I hope that helps!